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Based in South Korea, Bobby Air prides itself on transporting companion animals all over the world. We reunite people and pets in all major cities in Oceania, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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What is International Pet Travel?

"Pet travel", "pet shipping", "pet relocation" or "pet transport" - it's called many things, but what does it entail?

Pet travel refers to the international logistics of live animals. While Bobby Air also handles domestic pet relocation, this type of pet transport is normally considered a "pet taxi service" - which is less complex than international pet travel. Going overseas with Fido or Felix?

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Based in Seoul, South Korea, our team of multilingual staff have decades of experience between us. Being able to communicate between various stakeholders in different languages is crucially important. Additionally, as animal-lovers and pet-owners ourselves, you can trust us to treat everyone, people and pets alike, with the utmost respect and care.

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As your pet travel agency, Bobby Air will handle all travel preparations, including ensuring your pet meets all medical regulations. Due to the long list of complexities, without an agent, international pet relocation can easily go wrong. And if you get it wrong, the airlines won't wait. We minimise stress for both people and pets by providing a tailored travel plan for you and your pet.

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